Merry Christmas

I wanted to come here to wish everyone a very merry Christmas.

As it’s accustomed in Finland we celebrated Christmas yesterday and today we’ve had a leftover fest with my family.

Now that our stomachs are full again of good food, there’s nothing better than to curl up with a book I got as a Christmas present – Becoming by Michelle Obama.

I also got few other presents which came as a surprise since this book (with new vacuum cleaner which I’m getting by middle of next month) has been the only request I’ve had as a present. I got a new bottle of my favorite perfume Laura, a new scarf and few other items.

Yesterday I also went to light a candle with my dad in a near by cemetery which I wrote about here.

My dad brought me this gorgeous poncho from his trip to Lapland. Which my aunt had kindly given to him to give to me for Christmas. It’s very warm and cuddly.

Today I might also take a walk to center to feel the atmosphere of this Christmas Day.

Tomorrow’s plan is to go visit my maternal aunt with my mom and her boyfriend. This is a tradition we’ve had since my childhood. We get a great meal of some more traditional Christmas dishes and good company.

Couldn’t ask for more relaxing and enjoyable Christmas vacation. With few of my closest family members.

What a wonderful time of the year indeed.

From Saara with Love!


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